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All current and legacy Halfer products have been discontinued. For warranty requests for products listed on this website please use the form below.

As Hafler have been on the market for as long as 60 years, older Hafler products no longer have current parts available. This means that servicing them may be difficult or impossible. Today’s Hafler (division of Radial Engineering Ltd.) never produced these products and as such, is likely unable to provide you with service.

We invite you to consult your local hi-fi shop, electronic repair shop or internet dealer to find a local repair center that can service your needs as they may have older parts or have sources that could prove to be beneficial to you.

Hafler Contacts

1588 Kebet Way, Port Coquitlam
BC Canada V3C 5M5



Please be aware that we are unable to support Hafler legacy products. For all available information on older Hafler products you can visit the archive page for support. If you personally have any further information on legacy products to share with us, we welcome your input and will update the archives on a per case basis. Please note any inquiries for legacy products will not be answered.

For general enquiries please fill out the form below